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Scentient Being Perfume Oils and Candles

Scentient Being® products are available for purchase direct to consumer via this website.  Our products are also available to our partners to sell in their stores, and can be purchased at reseller pricing. To learn about partnering with us 
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Our Journey

Greetings! This is Lisa Ehle, founder of Start Living Natural, LLC, and the Scentient Being® brand. I began Start Living Natural, LLC with the purpose of educating others on leading a healthier, more natural lifestyle. For nearly a decade we've been introducing visitors to amazing natural products from responsible companies.

When we started, it was quite a different scene. The public was far less informed about the importance of using products with natural ingredients and stores didn't have much of a selection.  Over the years, our society has come a long way and now consumers are more educated about the ingredients in their household & personal products which has led to better/healthier purchasing choices.

While there is still much work to do in educating the public about the dangers of toxins, the availability of great natural products online has become far less of an issue.  Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods has brought a wide selection of products (some better than others) to the masses, at relatively affordable prices and free/fast shipping for members. Other retailers, both online and brick and mortar, have widely expanded their natural product offerings. Finding better alternatives is much easier present day.

With this, we have decided to shift our efforts and focus on growing our Scentient Being® brand of premium fragrance oils and natural beeswax candles. It has always been a passion and desire to create wonderful products, and while we will miss sharing our broader selection of great products with you, we hope that you will enjoy our own line of premium perfume oils and beeswax candles.

Thank you to all who supported us through the years and for our new friends. We're really excited about our metamorphosis and what we have created for you!

To Love, Health & Happiness,